Diamonds and pearls

Diamonds. Pearls. Pure.

MANU’s diamond jewellery offers simple and affordable variations. Featuring diamonds as a sparkling highlight, pearls as a silky alternative or pure metal in its simplicity. Many MANU pieces of jewellery can be customised thanks to this variety.

R1259BR | Ring left | 3 Diamonds at 0.012ct | 438,-*
R1259PE | Ring right | Pearl | 268,-*

*All prices in € (RRP) material: sterling silver / 22ct gold

Rings from left to right:
R1285TO | Topaz | 348,-*
R1285GT  | Garnet | 378,-*
R1285TL | Topaz London blue | 448,-*
R1285TUR | Pink tourmaline | 418,-*
R1285KA | Carnelian | 328,-*

*All prices in € (RRP) material: sterling silver / 22ct gold

Coloured gemstones

Coloured gemstones.

Colours are not only reflected in personal clothing style. Colours also feel different every day. Therefore MANU offers the choice between several variants for many pieces of jewellery with coloured gemstones. That’s what makes MANU jewellery individual.

Silver and blackened


Pure or blackened.

The combination of silver and gold has been an integral part of MANU from the very beginning. In order to offer a great variety in the interplay of colours, all the pieces of the collection are also available in a blackened version. The purer interplay of colours and the strong contrast allow the gold to shine.

AR75 | Bangle top | Blackened | 575,-*
AR75 | Bangle bottom | 575,-*

*All prices in € (RRP) material: sterling silver / 22ct gold

K1286KBR | Necklace left | Rubber chain | Magnetic catch | Diamond 0.03ct | 608,-*
K1286BR | Necklace right | Fox chain | Roating catch | Diamond 0.03ct | 775,-*

*All prices in € (RRP) material: sterling silver / 22ct gold

Fox chain or rubber chain

Fox chain


Rubber chain.

Matt and modern. Shiny timeless. With necklaces made of black rubber or silver foxtail chain, MANU offers a free choice between two styles. This way pendants present themselves from different sides.