GO17 | Earrings | 556,-*
GR24BR | Ring | Diamond 0.012 ct | 495,-*

*All prices in € (RRP) material: 22ct gold



MANU creates new designs twice a year. Around 50 pieces of jewellery from the previous collection make way for current designs. Moving with the times. Always innovative. The design language continues to evolve along with the ideas of the jewellery. Cherished classics are preserved nonetheless.

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The CLASSICcollection is playful without being ostentatious. With its wide, organic surfaces, it is reminiscent of MANU as it was in the very beginning. CLASSICdoes not represent the forgotten or the past, but rather an interplay of continuity and modernity. The collection is also regularly expanded by new pieces of jewellery.

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AR91 | Bangle | 495,-*
R1193 | Ring | 238,-*

*All prices in € (RRP) material: sterling silver / 22ct gold

O944BR | Earrings | Diamond 0.02 ct | 536,-*

*All prices in € (RRP) material: sterling silver / 22ct gold




Fine, clear lines and slim shapes characterise the MODERN jewellery series. They are increasingly becoming part of MANU. MODERN thereby does not follow every trend, but rather draws inspiration from a different side of the craft – for new discoverers and the young at heart.

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The GOLD series stands out from the MANU portfolio. Pure 18-carat gold. A clear understatement. While the original combination with silver retreats into the background, gold assumes the leading role here. Always in reduced shapes. Lightweight and slim. GOLD strives for the new, yet at the same time remains true to the MANU design concept.

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GR15BR | Ring | Diamond 0.03 ct | 548,-*

*All prices in € (RRP) material: sterling silver / 22ct gold

K1293BR | Interchangeable clasps | 7 Diamonds at 0.012ct | 868,-*
WK49 | Stone chain | moonstone grey matted multicolour | Bead 10mm | 498,-*

*All prices in € (RRP) material: sterling silver / 22ct gold

Interchangeable clasps



Press, turn, open. The MANU interchangeable clasp system works quickly and easily. It allows for customised combinations of chains and clasps. Unobtrusive or eye-catching. Moreover, many of the interchangeable clasps have two sides – one clasp, two pieces of jewellery. The bayonet mechanism concealed within the interchangeable clasp is not only invisible, but keeps the jewellery securely fastened. For MANU enthusiasts, this system is a convenient way to transform existing jewellery.

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Star jewellery



Twelve constellations in the night sky, many of them are visible to the naked eye. They inspired people four thousand years ago and are still deeply connected to us today. MANU puts a new spin on the signs of the zodiac with twelve pendants. On a silver base with fine gold soldering and a single diamond each. MANU’s star jewellery is classic and modern at the same time – it is simple yet exciting.

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KS10 | Necklace top | Diamond 0.012ct | 248,-*
KS3 | Necklace bottom | Diamond 0.012ct | 248,-*

*All prices in € (RRP) material: sterling silver / 22ct gold