MANU Design

Many signatures.

One design language.

MANU creates clear, serene designs, crafted entirely by hand. The craftsmanship is recognisable in the shapes and surfaces, making the jewellery natural, human. Harmonic shapes and the combination of silver and gold have been characterising MANU already right from the very beginning.

Thanks to its many designers, MANU’s craftsmanship is multifaceted. Each of them thinks differently, and realises MANU in the individual creations in different ways. But they communicate in one design language, creating the overall picture together.

Hajo Delius

Hajo Delius.

As the creative head of the MANU team, master craftsman Hajo Delius designs pieces of jewellery that induce a change in thinking. Delicate filaments made of steel or silver are combined with few surfaces, in a filigree way. Graphic elements are continuously rediscovered. Hajo draws his inspiration from everyday life: with the help of many objects and shapes he is able to detach himself from the world of jewellery and find new ideas. The master craftsman completed his training as a goldsmith at the State Academy of Drawing in Hanau, Germany, and has been with MANU since 1992. Being able to live out his creativity is what he treasures most about his work.

Thorsten Bartels

Thorsten Bartels.

Master craftsman Thorsten Bartels lives and breathes his craft as a goldsmith. Creating pieces of jewellery from the still pure metal, deforming and bending sheet metal – this is where Thorsten’s passion lies and where he draws new inspiration. His design language is clear: harmonious shapes, taut wide surfaces, the pure contrast of silver and gold. The skilled goldsmith has been designing for MANU since 2011. His signature adds variety to the design line.

Susanne Weege

Susanne Weege.

Susanne Weege grew up with MANU. She remains true to the classic style and thus preserves the origins of MANU. At the same time, Susanne guides the design line into new directions and provides modern impulses. She draws inspiration not only from everyday life or her travels, but also from using various design techniques: deforming paper and cardboard, bending porcelain foil. After completing her design degree, the designer worked with the Ebert family during the founding years, owes them a great deal and is happy to still be a part of MANU.

Ralf Werner

Ralf Werner.

As freethinker and product designer, Ralf Werner lives for a minimalist, timeless design language. However, his designs are by no means unemotional, but always range in a field of tension between simplicity and excitement. The designer draws great inspiration from his travels, but also finds ideas in architecture or new materials. At MANU Ralf has the opportunity to develop his designs freely and to work hand in hand with all the goldsmiths. Ralf started at MANU as an intern and was the last apprentice to be trained by founder Ilse Ebert. Over almost three decades, the product designer has never lost his personal connection to MANU.

Anke Loose

Anke Loose.

Anke Loose attaches great importance to the idea that harmony is expressed in all forms of her pieces of jewellery. The result are harmonious combinations of silver and gold that are pleasant to wear. Her designs reveal new intricate details, over and over. The designer is particularly enthusiastic about working with her hands: she develops new pieces of jewellery when she can see and touch them directly. Anke trained as a goldsmith at the State Academy of Drawing in Hanau. She, too, has known MANU from the very beginning and her signature makes the design line versatile to this day