By hand.


In the MANU workshop, the team of goldsmiths hones, forges, forms, folds and die-cuts its jewellery every day. With personal charm and craftsmanship. Each individual goldsmith is committed to precision and continuous quality for jewellery produced in small series. The entire team would like to reciprocate the trust that customers place in MANU and simply remain MANU, both in our craft and our personal interactions. Individual and familial.


Joint cause.

To be able to think and work together within the MANU design concept, the right workshop environment is crucial. Johannes and Susanne Weege renovated the almost 60-year-old building in 2016, providing the perfect environment to find and further develop new design ideas with plenty of light and a warm atmosphere. Clear lines and simplicity surround the goldsmiths in their work. MANU and Pica Design share a common space here as long-standing partners. Pica Design, founded by Susanne Weege, designs and produces modern packaging, mainly for the jewellery industry – and also for MANU. The familial way of cooperation is not only appreciated mutually, but also by their shared customers.

Johannes Weege

Johannes Weege.

For more than twenty years, Johannes Weege has been continuing the design concept of founder Ilse Ebert. As managing director and owner, he not only focuses on the further development of the company, but also brings together the various designs: with his affinity with creativity and his openness to new ideas, Johannes listens to the industry, picks up on outside impulses and, together with the designers, forms MANU into an overall concept. The managing director is passionate about maintaining a close connection to his customers and networking within the industry. He views the jewellery sector less as competition, but rather as an opportunity for exchange and cooperation. The co-founding of the 925 Masters and a cooperation with the State Academy of Drawing in Hanau, Germany, are just two of his many passion projects. With Johannes at the helm, MANU was awarded the German Brand Award for brand management in 2017.

Foundation & Ilse Ebert

Genuine from the beginning.

In 1987, Ilse Ebert founded MANU together with her husband Horst. He, the businessman – she, the artist. As the creative centre of MANU, Ilse succeeded in combining design with humanity. And in crossing borders. Always on the lookout for something new, full of imaginative ideas and young at heart, even at an advanced age. A strong personality who knew exactly what she wanted and who made the jewellery manufacture so successful. The founder created her first pieces of jewellery while still working at home, but was able to see MANU grow already after a short time – while maintaining the family spirit. As an advocate of contemporary jewellery culture, Ilse Ebert placed particular emphasis on affordable jewellery. With her style and attitude, the pioneer was able to pass on a lot to her fellow companions over the years.